Image series "Blurred cities"

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The idea for the picture series "Blurred cities" was born during the 20s of the third millennium of our western era. Society is facing a new age with the digital transformation and further great challenges and value adjustments are placed on all mankind.


 Each picture shows a section of a city, which is photographed in the vanishing point perspective. All buildings are blurred or interwoven. Furthermore, on most of the pictures a fixed point or several fixed points are defined to which the human eye automatically adjusts; be it, for example, a woman in red, a blue car or a giraffe woman. The viewer can either put himself in the situation or he identifies with the protagonist in the picture.


A large part of the population of our western culture is given many privileges. We have a home; we have running water; and we have the ability to travel around the world and reach the most remote places within hours at the push of a button. All this prosperity is deceptive. All the values that have lasted for decades suddenly no longer apply. We demand more and more tolerance, but we do not accept when someone disagrees with us. What if values and morals are lost in society? What is our attitude toward other values? Do we adopt new values uncritically and indifferently?

The blurred cities symbolize the change, perhaps the decay or even the untenable of this world. The images are meant to make us think about our own values. What gives me support in life in a wavering and constantly changing technological world? Is progress the solution? I leave the questions in the room and invite you in the exhibition cordially to the dialogue.

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One or more images are taken with different focal lengths and then post-processed and digitally transformed using electronic image processing software. The images are then printed on brushed aluminum. The white areas in the image shine through differently depending on the incidence of light.

Three formats are offered:

  • 20x30 cm (unlimited edition)
  • 40x60 cm (unlimited edition)
  • 80x120 cm (limited edition of 10 pieces)

Some of the pictures are also available as postcards and folding cards.